Sunday, August 19, 2012

The No Brainer Election

Originally posted August 19, 2012

I am a disenfranchised voter, a citizen of the United States, who is frustrated with my government because my government doesn't listen to us, the American people. There are things this president must do to win, the first of which is to change the way he's campaigning.

Instead of listening to the public relations people, who should be fired because they're terrible, the president must tell "we the people" what he's accomplished during his term in office. Very few know what he's done because he hasn't told us. He's allowed the conservative political pundits to define his term and they have done a great job in misrepresenting, lying and denigrating Mr. Obama's accomplishments, to wit:

When the president first proposed the Affordable Health Care Bill neither he nor Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, told us what was in the bill. For three years we've heard nothing from the White House as to what's in the bill/law. So Rush, Hannity, Glenn Beck and the rest told us their version which included death panels, lost jobs, increase in the deficit and any other negative thing they could think of. From the administration...nothing! No rebuttal, no comment. Not one word from the administration when the recent changes went into effect giving free birth control pills, pap smears and mammograms to every woman. That's half the voting population he's ignoring!We still don't know what's going to happen in 2014.

By the way, since the health care plan is based on Governor Romney's successful Massachusetts plan, it should be called "Romneycare," not Obamacare. Even today, when "they" bemoan the paucity of jobs created, there's no reaction from the administration. The Bush years saw millions of jobs lost and the powers that be complain because "only" 80,000 jobs were created in June, 117,000 in July. It's in the plus column and still nothing is heard from the administration. The "swift boat" people killed John Kerry's chances by concentrating on his "flip-flopping." Why isn't anyone doing the same to Romney? As governor he was pro-choice. Since he's pandering to the Tea Party people and the radicals in the GOP just to get elected, he switched and now is pro-life. His health care plan is working in Massachusetts and everyone must participate or pay a penalty / tax but he's criticizing the president's plan which, in effect, is his own. Romneycare!

I donated to the campaign hoping to meet the president face-to-face and explain how I, my friends and millions of other Americans feel. Unfortunately, no one it seems, cares what 300 million people think. The Republican Party has nothing in common with 98% of Americans and yet, it's a close race this year. Why? This administration rivals the Nixon years in communicating with us. Nixon wanted to hide the stuff he was doing. The Obama administration isn't telling us all the good things that are being accomplished. How can we compare the two candidates when we're only getting negative information from the GOP and nothing from the Democrats?

The Constitution begins, "We the people, in order to form a more perfect union... The Gettysburg Address ends with, "government of the people, by the people and for the people..." Government of the people died during the Reagan administration and the coffin was sealed when the Supreme Court declared corporations were individuals. The only voices heard today come from those with big money. The majority of the 300 million no longer have a voice. Because Americans can't be bothered with finding out all they can about a candidate and use that information to make an informed decision, it's easier to flip one switch in the voting booth that has an "R" or a "D." It's why we send those incompetents back to Congress to solve the problems they created, and then we expect a different outcome.

Jobs are outsourced because we want to save $300 on a car or $30 on a toaster-oven so we've made the economies of China, Thailand, the Phillipines, India and even Vietnam prosperous to the detriment of our own country. In 1776 the battle cry was, "Taxation without Representation." Two hundred, thirty-six years later we're back to square one. We're paying taxes and our representatives in Congress, both houses, do nothing to benefit us, they just pad their own pocketbooks. It's no wonder they have such a low approval rating...but we keep re-electing them.

The problems of this country are solved daily over lunch, during halftime at a football game, during a night out for dinner or between strangers standing on a line. It's solved by everyday Americans who see the problems and the solutions, usually simple solutions, but can't tell anyone in authority because no one will listen. We write letters to the editor, editorials in newspapers and get positive responses from readers and still nothing positive happens. National Public Radio (NPR) has politicians as guests or they'll call in to respond to a question. They hear the anguish and frustrations and always agree to help and then they do nothing. This letter (which was sent to the White House) will probably never be read by anyone in authority and we wonder why many no longer care and more than 90 million Americans don't even bother to vote.

Here in South Carolina I wonder how Lexington County can be a Republican stronghold. The majority of residents don't earn more than $250,000 a year so why do they support the party of the wealthy? Because of the president's health care law their children can stay on their parents policy until age 26, there's no increase in premiums and they can't be dropped because of pre-existing medical conditions and the new rules governing female issues have just taken effect and still they vote Republican? I guess all we can hope for is the return of common sense this year, however, if past years are any indication we're in for a lot of "stupid" again this year.

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